FIA-approved roll-cage padding


Safety Devices is the pioneering European manufacturer of homologated, FIA-approved padding, and one of the few worldwide to offer this product.

Our homologated padding is manufactured in black half-round 600mm sections and designed to attach to 32mm, 38mm, 45mm and 50mm diameter tubes using an adhesive such as Sikaflex 252. Each full length of padding weights 550g.

FIA padding is very firm, made to the hardness stipulated by the FIA for head impact areas, bearing in mind driver/co-driver will be wearing helmets. FIA padding may not be suitable for everyday road use due to it's firmness.


  • Available in sizes to fit 32, 38, 45 & 50mm tube diameter
  • Supplied in 600mm lengths
  • This padding is manufactured exclusively by Safety Devices
  • This type of padding is mandatory around the drivers head area in any FIA event
  • The FIA details are : CP.002.02 A FIA 8857-2001

The padding is designed to be installed using an adhesive such as Sikaflex 252 to bond it to the roll cage tube.

The padding can be cut to length as required and formed around large radius bends by warming to a temperature not exceeding 40°C. It is imperative that the domed face is left untouched and the homologation number ‘CP.002.02 A’ remains visible and intact.

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